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Zoe, Pete & Briony Buckney
Jan 20 2009 13:40 PM Post #23
Location : London

Dear Jeanine & Steffen

Dave & Ruth told us this sad news & I can't say how sorry we are to hear & read of the loss of your beautiful son.

We admire you both so much for setting up this website and for being so brave and forward-looking at such a painful time.

With love & warmest wishes

Zoë, Pete & Briony

John and Naresh
Jan 20 2009 9:43 AM Post #22
Location : London

Relationship : Friend
Dear Jeanine and Steffen

We cannot begin to imagine how hard it must be for you to come to terms with losing Alexander Jan.

This website is a lovely tribute to AJ's memory and we hope that it will help to ease the terrible sense of loss and sadness that you must both feel now.

With lots of love

John and Naresh

Steve Sarah Susannah and Jonathan
Jan 19 2009 21:26 PM Post #21
Location : Oakham

Relationship : Friend
Dear Jeanine and Steffen

It was good to speak to Jeanine just now and just to reiterate that we think about you every day and are just so devastated that this has happened to two of our best friends and to two people who would have made - and will make - the greatest parents.

We cannot imagine what you have been through, we can only think of how we would have felt if it had happened to our children and how devastated we would have been.

We think the website is great and you should be very proud of having created such a wonderful tribute to Alexander Jan.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon and will be thinking of you until then, especially on the day of the funeral.

With love

Sarah Steve Susannah and Jonathan

Jan 16 2009 11:58 AM Post #20
Location : Shalford

Relationship : AJ's Papa
Vielen Dank, Eure Worte sind wie Balsam wie uns und es freut uns unendlich zu wissen, dass Ihr in Euren Gedanken bei uns seid. Gestern war es genau einen Monat seit Alex' Geburtstag. Deshalb gibt es jetzt hier eine kleine Kerze fuer ihn.

Light a candle

Many thanks for all your kind words. They are soothing for us and it is comforting no end to know we have so many friends and family who care, and are with us in their thoughts and prayers.

Yesterday it was a month since AJ's birthday, so I wanted to light a little candle for him here.
MARC (5)
Jan 16 2009 10:55 AM Post #19
Location : Wien, Österreich

Relationship : AJ's Cousin
LIeber STEFFEN unnd JAENin,



wir Machen ein wunderSCHÖNES BILD FÜR EUER BABY:

tante els (5)
Jan 16 2009 10:40 AM Post #18
Location : lelystad,holland

Relationship : aunt of Jeanine
Dearest Tina and Steffen.

What a wonderful website for Alexander Jan, so sweet and what a nice messages.

You've probably heard how devistated I was and still am when your Mum told me what had happened with AJ.

No words are suitable to comfort you both

and I had a very angry conversation with God telling him that this is not fair of Him to do this to such a lovely pair as you are.

I think of you each day and pray every night for you. I hope that you will find the strenght to go on and that all your family and friends will help you. Just let me know if there is something I can do for you, in any way. Lots of love and hugs.
Isa (5)
Jan 16 2009 7:53 AM Post #16
Location : Austria

Relationship : Alexanders Tante
Liebe Jeanine, liebes Bruderherz,

wie soll ich für so ein tragisches Geschehen Worte finden. Für mich war und ist es der Weltuntergang, was muss es dann für euch sein...?

Alles andere wird dabei unwichtig, nebensächlich.

Ich will für Euch da sein egal ob ihr reden wollt und ich würde euch so gerne einfach nur im Arm halten.

Jeder von uns trauert anders, aber egal auf welche Art, Trauer ist wichtig, Abschiednehmen ist wichtig.

Auch wenn es Alexander Jan nicht gwährt wurde, euch kennenzulernen, er war sich sicher bewusst, dass ihr die tollsten Eltern der Welt gewesen wärt.

Das wird sicherlich kein Trost sein, aber ihr wisst, dass ihr nicht alleine seid.

Ihr habt euch, und ihr habt eure Familien und Freunde.

In Liebe

Isa, Marcel, Marc A und Isabell
Sammy (as Jeannie calls me!) (5)
Jan 15 2009 21:42 PM Post #14
Location : London

Relationship : Friend
What a wonderful way to channel all of the emotions you are feeling - I am so moved by all of your posts. AJ will surely be looking down on you both with pride at your strength and courage and feel your love for him growing stronger and stronger with each passing day.

I remember so clearly receiving the text from Jeannie. I couldn't believe it and although you asked me to let our group of friends know the tragic news, I felt myself become numb as I re-read the text over and over again, not able to believe the words written down. I didn't trust myself and immediately got on a bus to Bromley where George was doing some Christmas shopping and we both read and re-read the text over and over again - hoping, by some miracle, that the words might change.

I so desperately wanted to say or do something to ease your pain in any small way, but no words seem to be right and I'm so sorry if anything I said, didn't say or did/didn't do came at the wrong time. I felt so helpless.

We too (George and I) feel the loss of AJ - we had also been looking forward to meeting him, watching him grow and seeing the joy in both of your faces when you talked of him, watched him and thought of him. We pray that we will see some of that joy (replacing the pain) in the not too distant future.

Lots of Love as Always

Sam & George

xxx and one extra big X for AJ
sandro (5)
Jan 15 2009 18:04 PM Post #13
Location : erfurt

Hallo ihr Lieben ich bin echt stolz auf auch soviel mut und Energie in diese seite zu stecken. Unseren tiefsten respeckt finden das echt toll. Ich denke das ist das beste geschenk für alexsander jan. ich denke er weiß das zu schätzen was ihr da für ihn tut. Wir denken ganz fest an euch.
Bert & Brenda (5)
Jan 14 2009 15:51 PM Post #12
Location : Spain

Relationship : Friends
Our thoughts and prayers are with you. The tragic loss of a much loved baby is very hard to understand. Time does heal to an extent but life has to go on although sometimes it does seem unbearable. Our hope for you is a little brother or sister for Alexander in the not too far distant future and we will pray for this. We did so enjoy your company last summer. Don't leave it too long before you visit Spain again.

With love

Bert & Brenda
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